Division of policies and regulations to participat


September 22, 2017, the Ministry of industry and information technology policy and law department deputy inspector Guo Xiuming participated in the electronic information industry responsibility line - Research Group activities. This event is an important work of 2017 annual social responsibility construction of electronic information industry, electronic information industry SJ/T16000-2016 "social responsibility" industry standard practice, sponsored by the Chinese Electronics Standardization Association Committee on social responsibility.


China Electronics Technology Group and Intel (China) Co. Ltd. as the "electronic information industry social responsibility" in the pilot enterprises, the Chinese Electronics Standardization Association Joint Committee of social responsibility "WTO economy daokan" released "electronic information industry social responsibility development report" (2016 year) was named five star enterprise.


The research group on product liability, supply chain responsibility, environmental responsibility, employee health and safety of humanistic care, community and educational responsibility and other issues in SJ/T16000-2016 standard research Tenth Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation social responsibility demonstration base, twenty-ninth and Intel products (Chengdu) Co., ltd.. The research team has affirmed the work done by the research units in fulfilling their social responsibilities, and suggested that they should share good experiences and practices in the industry and play a good role in the pilot demonstration.


Sichuan provincial economic and Information Technology Commission responsible person, relevant electronic enterprises and corporate social responsibility research institutions participated in the research group activities.