2017 China e-commerce innovation and Development S


April 25th afternoon, 2017 China e-commerce innovation and Development Summit (hereinafter referred to as electricity supplier Summit) press conference held in Beijing. The national development and Reform Commission Department of high tech industry researcher Luan Jie, Wang Yuxiang, vice mayor of Guiyang Municipal People's government, China network television money Wei general manager, national e-commerce model city to create work Expert Advisory Committee of experts group leader Professor Chai Yueting and other important guests attended the conference and delivered a speech. People's daily, Xinhua news agency, Guizhou daily and China Network TV station, more than 60 central and local media on-site reports conference. At the meeting, the official website of the 2017 China e-commerce innovation and development summit was formally launched.


Over the same period two sessions, the electricity supplier summit and several fair joint efforts


The electricity supplier summit since 2013 has been successfully held four sessions in 2016, and the Chinese big data industry expo held at the same time, Premier Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony of the summit, the electricity supplier industry become the largest and highest level, the most influential brand event.


2017 business summit will be held during the same period on May 25th -28 in Guiyang city and the number of Bo will continue, the current electricity supplier summit organized by the national development and Reform Commission, Guizhou Provincial People's government, Chinese network television, Guiyang Municipal People's Government hosted, guided by the Ministry of agriculture, the General Administration of customs and other 13 ministries, and strongly supported by the Chinese information association etc. industry association.


The theme of the summit is "aggregation of innovation factors and empowerment of the real economy"". The summit will focus on the implementation of the 2017 government work report proposed "to promote the steady growth of consumption", "innovation and lead the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, continue to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and other key work plan, promote the implementation of" promoting the three year action plan to implement the development of Electronic Commerce (2016 - 2018) ", discuss how to electricity providers to accelerate and upgrading, deepen the electricity supplier integration and depth of the real economy, power supply side structural reform. Do a good job to "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" development of the concept of the five main tasks of development leading e-commerce digital economy in the era of e-commerce, and play in promoting economic growth, industrial upgrading and poverty, and the driving public entrepreneurship and innovation, accelerate the development of new energy.


Annual festival, inventory 2016 China electricity supplier development process


The current electricity supplier summit mainly consists of CEO salon, the main forum and eight sub forums, CCTV dialogue program recording, annual festival and exhibition series of activities. 2017 Chinese e-commerce annual festival as one of the highlights of the current electricity supplier summit, will be a comprehensive inventory of 2016 China's electricity supplier development process, reveals the new economic era business achievements, awards outstanding business enterprise, characters and events, driven by the electricity supplier industry healthy and orderly and steady development.


The press conference, the organizing committee officially awarded the national e-commerce model city to create work Expert Advisory Committee of experts group leader Mr. Yue Ting Chai served as director of the electricity supplier annual selection committee.


According to Professor Chai, 2017 China e-commerce annual festival will set up annual influential enterprises, annual innovation enterprises, annual real economic transformation enterprises, annual public enterprises, annual and annual influential man new characters, annual impact events, annual electricity supplier rights fake event awards. At the same time, follow the highlight of the annual festival also set up 3 special awards, are annual, annual popular shop express little brother and the annual electricity supplier award for poverty alleviation.


CCTV resources combine black technology to create a new audio-visual feast


Last year, China's online television station to build electricity supplier summit official website, the whole release of summit dynamics and information, and through on-site manuscript, depth interpretation, micro-blog, WeChat and a series of creative posters and H5 carried out intensive push. The new media publicity effect is very significant, covering nearly 100 media, micro-blog topic, China's electricity supplier annual ceremony reads more than 1 billion 190 million. At the same time, on CCTV integrated channel, economic channel, Chinese international channel and news channel broadcast propaganda film and news information, the response is enthusiastic.


This year Chinese network television as the 2017 China innovation and development of e-commerce summit one organizer, will give full play to the CCTV network television and Chinese fusion matrix propaganda advantage, the integration of the central focus of the media, mainstream commercial media, industry vertical media, two micro end (micro-blog, WeChat and client), video broadcast platform and other resources, to achieve full the media coverage, build a strong electricity supplier industry the highest specifications, the largest and most influential brand summit.

In addition, in the production of promotional films, content dissemination, live and other processes, will be integrated into the forefront of black technology unmanned aerial vehicles, VR, AR and so on, virtual and reality combined to show the forefront of electricity supplier innovation and development.


Big coffee gathered, guests unprecedented lineup


Electricity supplier summit has invited a number of ministries and commissions leading comrades and industry heavyweight experts and nearly a hundred well-known enterprises participants. Amazon's vice president of global China President Zhang Wenyi Sun Weimin, vice chairman of Su ningyun group, v-mobile bicycle founder Hu Weiwei, Yuantong Day Day Express Ltd CEO phase peak, steel network founder and CEO Wang Dong, ocean pier founder and CEO Ceng Bibo on behalf of other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have confirmed their attendance. More than 10 experts and scholars, including Chai Yueting, Jing Li, Li Mingtao, Sun Baowen and Ouyang Rihui, have confirmed the participants. More than a number of national ministries and leaders and related industry associations will attend the scene.


In the media questioning, the people's Government of Guiyang City Vice Mayor Wang Yuxiang in answer to a reporter about the business summit highlights what "question that the business peak theme of" empowerment polymerization innovation elements economic entity ", is this year's summit.