Statement on strengthening copyright protection


To implement the central "on promoting the integration of traditional media and new media development guidance", push forward the establishment of traditional media and new media copyright cooperation mechanism, regulate network reproduced copyright order, according to the State Copyright Bureau "on the norms of network copyright reprint order notice" to the relevant requirements, the following statement:


1. China electronic newspaper (shooting), edited, and published (broadcast) news works, including but not limited to news communication, the unit first published interview reports, survey comments, records and other kinds of news works, is the important unit of copyright assets. As the copyright holder of the aforesaid news works, the entity enjoys full copyright in accordance with the law. Please press the media, network service providers and individuals strictly abide by copyright laws and regulations.


2. any organizations or individuals, including but not limited to television, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet service providers and network users, in addition to the rational use of the copyright law, the units without written permission, do not reprint, editing, modifying, excerpts, posted or otherwise copy and spread the news works.


3. when news media, network service providers and individuals are authorized to reprint works, they shall consciously sign their copyright owners without distorting or distorting the original text and title. Reprinted works should indicate the source, reprinted website, published articles should also indicate the source site link address.


4., the unit will be aimed at the aforementioned news works to increase copyright monitoring and rights protection efforts, for the unauthorized use of the aforementioned news works violations, will be strictly investigated according to law liability. All news media, Internet service providers and individuals shall promptly delete the infringing content after receiving the notification of rights in this unit, otherwise they will be liable for infringement in accordance with the law.


5. from the date of this announcement, the news media, websites and individuals should take the initiative to self check and delete the contents of alleged infringement. If you need to continue to use the relevant content, please promptly contact the unit for copyright cooperation.